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Awnings are the ‘magical’ covers that are made from fabric shade and are used to shade from the heavy downpour rains during the cold seasons or from the burning heat during summer.

Many people use them on their doors, windows and decks, and they can be extended over a large area.

Have you ever wondered where the awnings you see today with different company logos came from?

Well, here is the story behind awnings.

The first awning

The first awning can be traced back to the ancient Egypt and Syria. Back then, people would develop awnings for almost everything, starting from small caravans to huge stadiums.

History has it that retractable awning were used by the Roman Empire back them. Although the first awnings were employed for business purposes, they soon gained grounds in most households, and that still happens today. In the past, shopkeepers found them useful since they would have them on the storefronts, thus ensuring that their clients were not rained on or burned by the harsh sun rays.

How awning materials evolved

Back then, the commonly used material for making awnings was canvas, but the trend change later on, with societal advancements that demanded for the use of studier awnings.

During the industrialisation era there was an increase in awnings production an employment of new production techniques.

The result was the replacement of simple canvas awnings with complex materials such as vinyl, polyester, acrylic, aluminum and fibreglass. The modern awnings were stronger, durable and required low maintenance.

Modern awnings

The use of retractable awnings should a remarkable increase in the 1990s, where the provided the much needed convenience and luxury of protection. The retractable awnings used a pulley system that made it easy to ravel and unravel. Therefore, they save both energy and time.

Today, awnings are not only used for protection reasons but also as a means of advertising and art. Many colors and designs are available thus users have a wide variety to select from, and their needs are fulfilled. The assortment of design and color has been able to enhance their outward look. Today, business can also inscribe their logo on an awning thus making their brand visible.

The use of awnings in homes

In modern homes, awnings have proved to be highly beneficial. They can reduce energy cost. But one might wonder how they will achieve this. It has been found that windows are a major cause for high temperatures. If you use an awning, you can regulate the temperature.

It will also help reduce air conditioning costs since it will stop the heat from entering and the cooling air from leaving, thus increasing the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Besides being energy efficient, awnings are great additions to the home and its fixtures. If you have an expensive piece of furniture that is vulnerable to decay when they come into contact with moisture or heat, awnings can help maintain it in good condition.

If you are an outdoor person, you can install awnings outside your house. This way you can enjoy outdoor activities with your family and friends.

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Retractable awnings are a great way to protect yourself from the harsh kiwi sun. The covering attaches to an exterior wall of your home or building to provide shade and reduce the amount of light filtering in.

You’ll be surprised how many places retractable awnings can be used in. You can place them above windows and doors or use them to cover a courtyard area. They can be attached to walls, ceilings or under eves.

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