Tips for Keeping Your Canopy Awning In Great Shape

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If you have an awning at your store or in your home, you know how useful these covers are.

Although they can do quite well without much input from the owner, there are a few things you can do to keep them in great shape. Here are four incredibly easy tips to care for your awnings so that you keep them looking delightful every other year.

Canopy Awning Washing

When washing, you will require having a brush, a hose and some soap. Mix a batch of regular dishwasher in a bucket that can hold about five gallons and a mild dish soap of choice.

To start with, wet the awning using the hose then dip the brush inside the soap solution then using the brush, scrub the awning gently. Clean the whole awning this way, then rinse it off with the hose once you have finished.

In case you are not comfortable with soap runoff, it is advisable to use an Eco-friendly detergent. Eco-friendly detergents are mild, thus you can be sure that they will not corrode the awning.

Do not wash your awning every other day; instead, wash it twice a year only. The best time for this is at the beginning of spring and at the end of summer. You will realize the difference every time you wash it.

Awning Canopy Brushing

If you wash your awning with a soft bristle brush every week will go a long way in ensuring it remains clean. An RV awning brush is ideal for this task, but any other brush that has soft bristles can match the task. You do not have to brush hard; if you do so, you will wear it out. You only need brush gently enough to get rid of the dirt, dust and any other particles that might be on the surface.

Allowing it to dry

One of the major maintenance tips for a retractable awning is allowing it to dry after it has been rained on or after snowing. The creases and folds on the retractable awning usually collect water, the water might not have any effect on the fabric but the moisture might result in mildew and mold growth. The best tactic of ensuring this does not happen is allowing it to dry completely.

When you are taking down an awning for storage, make sure you stretch it completely for it to dry before you fold and store it. If you do not stretch it, you are likely to fin mold and mildew on it.

Hosing your canopy off

A quick rinse using a hose will let lose all large particles that may have stuck on the awning’s surface. In most cases, its effect is as good as that of brushing. Hosing off the dirt ensures that the particles do not stick on the fabric unlike when brushing. After drying the fabric will look more appealing and bright.

Once you follow these four simple tips, you can rest assured that your awning will remain fresh and delightful always.

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